Traveling Tips to Indonesia, Especially Bandung: Indonesia's "Kota Kembang"

This is my first time writing an English article. Actually, I am not sure about this because I rarely write an English article. It's hard, but let's try it!

Okay, for the first time I would like to give some tips when you are going to travel to Indonesia, especially Bandung. Bandung is one of the big cities in Indonesia and there are many tourists who visit this city to find great places and natural places. You can find it here!

But, there are some obstacles when you are visiting this city. The big problem is transportation. Actually, as an Indonesian, I can say that we don't have proper public transportation. Gladly we have GoJek, Grab, and Maxim so far. That makes you easily travel around Bandung city. 

How to use all of them? I will tell you in my article now. So, if you have a plan to come to Bandung, you can read these tips. I hope it helps you a lot when you are here and finds happiness in Indonesia. Let's check this out!

1. Where should I stay?

stay bandungsource:

Where should I stay when I travel to Bandung? We have many different places to stay, hotel, motel, hostel, or staying at your friend's house. But, think about the location. I suggest staying in popular locations, such as Dago, Dipati Ukur, Pasteur, dan Riau. You can easily find a cafe, restaurant, mall, and walking around the city.

But, Lembang is the best place to find tourist attractions. You can visit De'Ranch, Orchid Forest, Farm House, Lodge Maribaya, Tangkuban Parahu even the Hot Spring in Ciater. Unfortunately, the tourist has to think about the distance, because it's a little bit far from Bandung.

2. Say Hi to Local People


We are Indonesian and happy to greet all of you when visiting us! Just greet us and ask us whenever you are stuck on your way. Yes, maybe some locals can't speak English fluently, but we have Google Translate. We are happy to help the tourist even we can't speak English. 

Besides that, you can find the police station around the city. Well, the police will help you to find your destination and answer some of your questions. You can start to say "Hello" or "Apa Kabar?" to greet local people. The locals will be very happy and ready to help you!

3. Try The Online Transportations


Like I said before, we don't have proper public transportation but we have online transportation, like GoJek, Grab, and Maxim. Maybe you are familiar with Uber? Yes, GoJek, Grab, and Maxim has the same system as Uber. But, a little bit different from Uber.

In Gojek, Grab, and Maxim, you can ride not only the car but also the motorcycle, we called it "Ojek Online". I think this is the best one because it's very effective. Bandung is a crowded city with traffic jams everywhere, so the motorcycle can bring you to travel fastly. 

It's easy to use this. You can install the application on Google Play Store or App Store. Register your account. Then, you choose some features in the application. If you want to ride a motorcycle, click on "Go Ride". Furthermore, select your location and destination. Then, click find the drivers. Let's go riding! The drivers will pick you up at your location and bring you to your destination.

4. Don't Forget the Local's Food~


Are you a food lover? Well, Bandung has many traditional dishes, not only food but you can try the traditional drinks. Okay let's start with the food, I recommend you Gado-Gado Angkasa. This traditional salad from Indonesia. You will eat different vegetables on one plate. Also, you can find peanut sauce, a boiled egg, and kerupuk. Do you like spice? Don't worry, tell the seller to give you extra spice on it! 

Another culinary spot that you must try is "Makanan Sunda", you can choose Warung Ibu Imas or Ampera. These two restaurants have an authentic flavor of Sundanese Dishes. The important things, they are very cheap!

For the drinks, you can try Es Cendol. One of the best Cendol in Bandung is in Alkateri Street. It costs around $0.5 and you will feel blessed. I promised you! Another great drink that you can try is Es Oyen. Drink the drinks around 12.00 a.m, it's so fresh!

5. Choose Comfortable Clothes

Baju Bandungsource:

When I said Bandung is cold, maybe you don't agree with me. So, you can wear any clothes that you are comfortable with. You can choose a shirt, short pants, or long pants. Maybe you will need a hat because it will be very hot in summer.

But, don't forget to bring an umbrella or raincoat when on rainy days, around October till February. Bandung on rainy days is a little bit concerning because it will be very wet and you can't travel anywhere. 

But when it's summer/hot, it will be very sweaty. It will be very hot around 28°C - 30°C. So, preparing nice and comfortable clothes is an important thing when traveling to Bandung.

That's all my traveling tips to Indonesia, especially Bandung. The best thing in Bandung is culinary. I can't mention it one by one, but you should eat Gado-Gado, Es Oyen, and Cendol. Don't forget to have Gojek, Grab, or Maxim Apps before traveling to Bandung. 

Let me know if you want to know more about Bandung and Indonesia Let's sharing in the comment below. Let's stay with the HobiHepi!


  1. This is very helpful! Will definitely share it to my fellow travelers around the world!

  2. Makasih infonya kak sangat bermanfaat

  3. Finally something different, thank you.

  4. aku pun sangat bersyukur dengan kemunculannya gojek dkk
    sangat membantuuuu ๐Ÿ˜†

    btw, jadi kangen Bandung~

  5. Halo mbak, salam kenal!๐Ÿ˜ฌ

    Walaupun tinggal di Bandung tapi kok saya baru denger ya es oyen? Apa jangan-jangan saya aja yg gak tau nama-nama es, walaupun pernah makan๐Ÿ˜†

    Btw, Lembang memang cocok banget direkomendasiin buat turis, soalnya semua objek wisata adanya disana kali ya, wkwk. Semoga informasi ini sampai ke teman-teman traveler asing ya, mbak, Aamiin๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Ada mba, ih seger banget kalau diminum siang-siang~ Banyak yang jual eh apa udah jarang ya, aku nyobanya di resto gitu sih, semacam es teller 88 ada es oyen bandung hihihi.

      Lembang emang center of attraction buat Bandung sih, mana adem banget kan di sana, nature banget pokoknya sih~

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